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The leaderboards represent our members' achievements for all time, calculated based on the flight reports pilots file with vPIA. For historic data and all time leaders, you can view our full leaderboards.

Top Pilots(Flights Flown)
Ahsan Amir Khan - PIA107551077
Ghulam Mohiuddin - PIA10275852
Abdul Ghani - PIA10778797
Ammad Ud Din - PIA11710550
Omais Chandio - PIA10354518
Top Pilots(Hours Flown)
Ahsan Amir Khan - PIA107552005.05
Abdul Ghani - PIA107781744.21
Shahzad Zafar - PIA116931330.14
Ammad Ud Din - PIA117101286.41
Jahanzeb A - PIA107201119.45
217 Total Pilots
5 Todays Flights
8166 Overall Flights
287 Total Schedules

Flight Information Center

Flight ID Pilot Status Options
        PIA654                       Raihan S R Bakhsh
        PIA656                       Shahzad Zafar
        PIA2014                       Humza Nabi
        PIA274                       Hadi Chouhdry
        PIA2026                       Mohammad Qureshi

Airline Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
OPLA OPKC B747 (AP-BFY) 01.27 Humza Nabi -245
OMDB OPKC B737 (AP-BEH) 01.36 Shahzad Zafar -42
OPKC OPLA A320 (AP-BLD) 01.22 Humza Nabi -224
OERK OPKC B777 (AP-BHV) 02.21 Humza Nabi -209
OPKC OOMS B747 (AP-BFY) 01.24 Nadeem Burney -311


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PIA11827 Humza Nabi has filed a PIREP from OPLA to OPKC View Flight Report

PIA12002 Abdalla Syed has just joined, welcome aboard! View Profile

PIA12002 Abdalla Syed has been promoted to First Officer Regional!

PIA11693 Shahzad Zafar has filed a PIREP from OMDB to OPKC View Flight Report

PIA11827 Humza Nabi has filed a PIREP from OPKC to OPLA View Flight Report